Kids' Math and Social Skills Suffer When Parents Get Divorced

Family Matters on 06.03.11


A new study on the long-term effects of divorce on children points to a lifetime of "poorer math and interpersonal social skills than their peers," reports Time Healthland

The study also found that staying together for the kids might not be as bad as you'd think: According to the article, "Rather than reacting to the percieved conflict that leads to moms and dads filing for divorce, children start struggling once the divorce is underway."

The struggles with sociability aren't hard to explain, says study author Hyun Sik Kim: The kids are dealing with so much at home that they "may not want to meet other students and may have problems expressing their own feelings."

As for the students the students who showed a drop in math skills but not reading achievement, Kim theorizes that missing a few key math concepts because of distractions at home can have a cumulutive effect on future lessons, while it's easier to catch up with peers' reading abilities.


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