Kate Gosselin's Blog: How Legos Brought Peace and Teamwork to My House (For a Little While, At Least)

Family Matters on 06.20.11
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Last night reminded me once again why it's so much fun having eight kids! I had made a quick Target run following our day of filming, thanks to my friend and (best) makeup artist ever, Deanna, who once again watched my kids for me. 

Anyway, I decided to grab a huge set of Legos for the kids, not because I enjoy spending $59 plus on a toy,  but because last week I watched as my kids developed the technique of TEAMWORK while putting together a set the littles had received from a friend for their birthday! It was amazing to watch them all sit, sort and build together peacefully!  Wow! 

So, after presenting to them the large box of random pieces that would, in time, become the Lego police station, I watched them from the treadmill as I ran

They sorted colors (at my breathless suggestion) and built happily, quietly and calmly, with Cara at the helm, of course! 

Some kids, however, chose to imitate my running style and were able to run off some pre-bed energy! Others opted to play dress up with two of my little girls deciding to wear EVERY item from our dress up box at once, causing me to think that Lady GaGa had made an impromptu visit! We sure had a good laugh about the look of them! I even snapped some quick pictures! 

Once I had exhausted my final burst of energy for the day, I laid on the floor and asked for some volunteers to massage my back... Or arms or legs.. Any part of my aching body, please. The littles, in a bedtime avoidance attempt, all willingly agreed. And ahhhh... Their little strong hands covered my entire body with expertise allowing me to relax a bit (in between argument of who took which body part)! 

I was even able to ignore the comments about 'squooshy arms like bread' and 'wrinkles like you're old'  in order to be able to keep the relaxing spa image in my head! What a treat! 

Following the massage, I sent my late night owls off to bed.

It was a fun night of play in the basement! These are the times that I'm reminded of how blessed I am.

Have a gr8 day! 



Photo: norio.nakayama/Creative Commons


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