Ingenious App Turns Your iPhone into a Baby Monitor -- and Texts You When the Tears Start

Family Matters on 07.15.11

Whether you don't quite trust your teenage neighbor as a babysitter or just want to sit on your back porch during naptime, the limited range of most baby monitors can be tough to work around. But Gizmodo pointed us toward Evoz, an app that turns your iPhone into a baby monitor so you can keep an ear on the kids no matter how far away you are -- and texts or calls you when the little one starts crying.

Here's how it works: You'll need two Apple devices -- one iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad that you can leave in the nursery and a second iPhone or iPad to keep at your side. The device in the nursery will then call, email, or text the phone in your hand when it registers that the baby is crying -- and a specific program recognizes only crying, so those dreamy little noises your infant makes in her sleep won't cause a false alarm. 

The monitoring system works over 3G and wi-fi, so your devices can connect from any distance -- though obviously the extended range doesn't mean you can leave Junior home without a babysitter. But the system also tracks your child's crying data, so you can recognize waking patterns and make the most of those few precious hours of sleep.

Screenshot: Evoz

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