Imagination Movers Premiere New Video for Rock-O-Matic Tour

Family Matters on 04.10.12
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If your kids are anything like mine, then they love the Imagination Movers, the popular band of four dads originating from New Orleans with their own show on Disney Junior and who sell out concerts across the country. The group is certifiably goofy, but in a Three Stooges for kids kind of way, and while all Movers all the time (as was once the case in my house) can be a bit much, when it comes to kids music, parents are sure to find themselves singing along to the catchy tunes and even giving a chuckle to the silliness that ensues both onstage and on the television show. Now after nearly ten years performing and having just wrapped up their 2011 concert tour, "In the Warehouse", the group is hitting the road again starting this week with its "Rock-O-Matic" CD/DVD tour and we've got the exclusive preview of their music video for "Little Red Wagon".

The Imagination Movers said, "We were lucky to have a great creative partner on this video project. The good people at Crash + Sues spent weeks developing the stop motion animation for this video that helps capture the youthful, nostalgic feeling that we were going for. The song of course is just celebrating a kid being a kid and taking joy in the simple things in life such as the classic red wagon."

The group will play 80 shows in 45 cities across the U.S. and Canada now through October. For the complete schedule and tickets, go to Before you know it you're your kids will take on the Imagination Movers' motto, "Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun!"  

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