What Should You Tell Your Kids about Osama bin Laden?

Family Matters on 05.04.11

Photo: Jupiterimages/Thinkstock

If you're still struggling to find the words to explain the news of Osama bin Laden's death to your kids, CNN and Parenting.com offer these suggestions from the author of "How to Say it To Your Child When Bad Things Happen," psychologist Paul Coleman. 

Start by figuring out what your kids have heard -- Coleman recommends "leading questions" about what classmates have been talking about -- so that you can work on correcting any wrong details.

Keep it simple: "Kids are very black and white," says Coleman. Stick to the idea that bin Laden was a bully who hurt a lot of people, and that he got punished so he couldn't hurt anyone else.

And when it comes to discussing 9/11, Coleman says it's best to gauge their ability to process that story -- since it pre-dates young kids and "may feel more historical than real," they may be not be as affected by it as you'd expect.

How are you talking to your kids about Osama bin Laden?

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