How to Draw Animals (And Why It Matters)

Family Matters on 02.22.12
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Photo: eHow/video screen capture

The other week I posted on how drawing butts can help kids learn art, detailing a new step-by-step approach to teaching art techniques for children. For us adults too, it was one more example of how we can learn creativity from our children, and it has gotten me thinking about how rarely many of us get to use our drawing, painting or crafting skills in the adult world. 

In a smilar vein, these instructional videos on how to draw various animals, created by the folks at eHow, and featuring artist Laura Solomon are also worth a look.

Take this hippo for instance:

Or this horses head:

Sure, we are not exactly talking fine art or even particularly complicated drawing. But there is something to be said for simply taking the time to walk through each individual shape that goes to make up the whole.

I remember when once I asked a friend - much more practical than I - about how he was able to master construction, carpentry and general DIY skills. He told me that he had always been able to "see" how objects were constructed, formulating a 3D representation of their structure in his mind without ever having to take them apart. Yet he remained mystified as to how I could take words and not just construct sentences, but actually tell stories.

From DIY to writing to baking, it's all too easy for us adults to dismiss activities that are outside of our "skill sets", but usually they come down to folks who simply see the world a little differently to ourselves. As we introduce our kids - who are still open to learning any and every skill imaginable - to new resources and ways of looking at the world, we too should remain open to absorbing new perspectives and trying new things.

OK, it's just drawing cartoon hippos. But surely everyone needs a few fat hippos in their lives to liven things up?

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