Hospital Live-Streams Baby's Birth for Deployed Dad

Family Matters on 06.01.11

A hospital in Springfield, Oreg., turned to Skype when mother-to-be Sasha Huckeba went into labor while her husband, Cody, who's part of the U.S. Army force at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, couldn't make it home in time.

According to Jezebel, the medical staff set up a camera and laptop in the room to broadcast baby Dimitri's entry into the world, giving Cody the chance to see it from afar. The proud papa made it home a few days later to greet his new son in person. "Watching my son, listening to him cry for the first time, it was nice," says Cody of the video delivery in this CBS report. "It was awesome."


Would you live-stream your delivery?


Screenshot: CBS

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