Hysterical Video of Overdramatic Toddler is a Lesson in Dealing with Tantrums

Family Matters on 06.10.11

That nosy, kid-less woman in the supermarket who reminded you that your toddler was only throwing a tantrum to get your attention may have inspired you to "accidentally" drop the nearest overripe peach on her expensive heels, but unfortunately, she might not have been wrong.

Video: Redux

This video of a screaming toddler determined to get his parents' undivided attention may just prove that feeding into a meltdown only makes it worse. Next time your little angel has a tantrum, try walking away (though not so far that your unaccompanied child could hurt himself) to give yourself a one-minute time out -- and a treat from your candy stash.

How do you deal with your child's temper tantrums?


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