Four Crazy Plants to Get Your Kids Excited About Gardening

Family Matters on 06.22.11
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Image credits: Jaden Hair

I’m always looking for ways to get kids excited about gardening. The obvious reason is that I’m an advocate for teaching kids where food comes from, and a more selfish reason is that when I ask the kids to help me weed and water, I don’t want them to moan, groan and think of it as a chore.

A couple of months ago, I found some crazy-fun growing kits for kids. How could little boys resist growing a plant that looks like a brain, one that moves when you touch it, and a kit called “Carnivourous Creations” with Venus Fly Traps and Cobra Lilllies?!

The kids chose four of them to plant. Two thrived and two didn’t quite make it (no fault of the plant itself, the kids just neglected to water them).

One of the lessons that I had to teach the kids is patience. In their world of on-demand movies and fast food, they were expecting the little sprouts to emerge from seed within hours, not days.

I’ll fess up, though, they got their “instant grat-brat” personality from me. *sheepish grin*

It took three months of caring for these plants before we got to this stage – these plants are slow growers.

My favorite plant is the one that moves when you touch it.


 plant kit before

Being touched:

plant kit being touched

After being touched:

plant kit after touch

Check out the fun gardening products for kids at Dune Craft – you’ll be sure to find one that will inspire you in their vast collection!

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