Five Benefits to Having a Second Child

Family Matters on 09.06.11
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After having a fast and furious natural child birth ( 3 hours from start to finish) I was convinced I would never ever have a second child.  Of course right around the time those baby faced cheeks started to lengthen in the toddler years I realized that in fact I was ready for baby number two.  I loved being a momma, and I really wanted a sibling for my little girl, but i had tremendous doubts- how could I ever love another as much as I loved her? Would having another be a mistake? Here’s five things I’ve learned about the benefits of expanding my family.

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Photo Credit: Monica Rodgers 

  1. The expandable heart : just as having your first child made you realize what true love was really about, your second child makes you realize just how expandable the human heart really is.  Each child is so very unique from the other and each one has a room of their own in your heart. 
  2. Sibling love: Siblings have an incredibly special bond. When I watch my children together each day I feel such a deep satisfaction knowing that even though they have their moments of fighting that they truly are best buddies.  I am always amazed by how their dynamic has evolved and how much they learn from each other as I watch them play and interact.  I know that no matter what happens in this lifetime that they will always share the experience of their childhood. 
  3. The more the merrier: weather we are sitting down for a family meal, playing a board game, or gearing up for the holidays it’s so much fun to have a gaggle of kids to be with. In addition to being incredibly fun and entertaining, there are so many amazing moments of laughter, joy, and learning.  It’s easy to get caught up in the conversation of the “expense” of growing your family but by letting that be the reason you don’t- you may truly be missing out on what life is all about. Having a family and growing together can be one of the most joyous experiences in life. 
  4. Built in playmates: My children are each others best playmate. They know how the other thinks and have the ability over time to build on their many modalities of play. I’ve seen them start a game and continue to play it over a series of days or weeks, giving them the opportunity to explore many aspects of their collective and individual imaginations. 
  5. Conflict Resolution: It’s easy for us to take for granted how difficult it is to learn values such as sharing, community, conflict resolution and working as a team. When you have a big family or at least a sibling you have an opportunity to really work through the difficult times together. In addition you learn what the art of cooperation inside of a family can do when it comes to getting chores done and creative problem solving, 

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Photo Credit: Monica Rodgers 

I’m getting to that point in my children’s development now where they are older and I get to experience how wonderful it is to take them places and do things together where they can participate in some amazing conversations.  They truly enrich each others lives and they cherish and comfort each other.  I love knowing that no matter what happens in life- they will god willing always have each other to lean on. 

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