Family Time and TV? The Hub Says Yes

Family Matters on 04.26.11
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The debate about whether to let your child watch TV is a long and controversial one. Some believe that television is the devil and will ruin your child intellectually and morally. Others think that TV is a form of babysitting and plop their child in front of the boob tube at the drop of a hat in order to get things done. Personally, I think a little TV in moderation is perfectly acceptable and can even be educational.

So, when I read an article in Parenting Magazine (April 2011 issue) about a new channel for kids, I was intrigued. The Hub (owned by Discovery Communications, as is TLC) features  animated shows, movies, and classic series that are enjoyable for the whole family to watch together, which I liked. Some other networks gear their programming exclusively to kids (which I'm not knocking; that's the audience).  But at The Hub, there's something for all ages. The morning schedule is geared toward young children (pre-school age). In the afternoon, kids returning from school can catch a series made specifically for them. For some family bonding time, you can participate in a game show, competing with other families for Hub Bucks or with each other for pride.

Parents aren't left out, either. After you put the babes to bed, you can revisit your youth with episodes of Happy Days, Doogie Howser, M.D., or Family Ties. But that's not the only bit of nostalgia going on at The Hub. Some of the cartoons geared toward the kids are throwbacks to your own childhood. I was almost giddy thinking about introducing my daughter to my old friends at Fraggle Rock. Some other old-school favorites include My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, Transformers, and G.I. Joe.

When you're done watching the shows, you can then head to the Web site to for a fully interactive experience. There, you'll find games and videos that correlate to the TV schedule. Children of all ages can having fun coming up with their "Hub Handles" (user names), and parents don't have to worry about children providing identifiable or personal information.

If you're in the market for something a little different for your family, check out The Hub and see what you think. Even if you don't want your child watching too much TV, you can sneak an episode here and there of The Wonder Years to take yourself back to a simpler time and remember growing up with Kevin, Winnie, and Paul.

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