Does Where You Live Affect What You Name Your Baby?

Family Matters on 02.14.13
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We've done a lot of stories on baby naming here at Parentables, and while we've discussed popular baby names and odd baby names, in my opinion none of the information on baby naming trends has been quite as interesting as a new infographic released by NickMom on most common baby names by state. It turns out that where you live in the country seems to have a solid impact on what you'll name your baby, although 45 of the states have one of four names as their most popular, and only five states have unique popular names. So what are they?

If you live in the southwest, pacific coast, or northeast, you know an awful lot of girls named Sophia. Those in the mid-Atlantic and southeast regions of the country are seeing a lot of Billy and Will as William reigns in those states. And if you live in a state that borders Canada (as well as a few others), you almost certainly know more than a handful of boys named Mason. While not quite as widespread as the other common names, Emma has a hold on the middle of the country in Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma. And Olivia is the most popular name in both Alaska and Colorado.

So which states are bucking the trends? Florida is fond of Isabella, Alexander is tops in Illinois, Michael is number one in New Jersey, and Noah reigns in Hawaii. Liam is the favorite name of Vermont, but since it's derived from Willaim, we're not so sure that they get a top prize for being unique.

What's also interesting about this inforgraphic is that the name Jacob, the most popular boys name in the country, doesn't take the top spot in a single state while Isabella, the second most popular girls name in the country is only the most popular name in one state. But one thing is for sure, with the cluster of popularity for certain names in certain areas of the country, it appears that where you live has an effect on what you name your baby.

Did you want your baby to have a popular name or do you prefer a unique name?

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