Dad Sues Tween Bullies for Defaming His Daughter

Family Matters on 06.22.11


Every parent reacts to the bullying of their child differently (here are 14 ways to tackle the problem for starters) but one Texas lawyer dad has come up with a one-of-a-kind solution: He's suing three girls in his daughter's class for posting an insulting video on Facebook.

The Houston Chronicle reports that after Harris County father Jason Medley saw an online video that included three middle school students making fun of his daughter, he sent cease-and-desist letters to each of the girls' families, promising he would file suit if they failed to leave his daughter alone. He also requested a $5,000 donation from each family to support the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use. 

Says the Chronicle:


Receiving no response by his early June deadline, one of Medley's colleagues filed a defamation of character lawsuit on Tuesday against the three girls, accusing them of making defamatory and false statements that "impute sexual impropriety and misconduct" on his daughter. The complaint also alleged that the video includes threats to physically harm the girl and seeks a permanent injunction to prevent the three from further contacting her.


The paper also reports that, of the three dozen defamation of character lawsuits filed so far this year, this is the first to name minors -- however, three others target "information disseminated on the Web."

Nancy Willard, who runs the charity that Medley named in his letters, didn't know he had requested the donations, but told the paper that she thinks he's handling the situation with "a very novel approach."

"I think this father is trying to be a parent that the other girls do not apparently have," she said. "Think of the lesson he is teaching his own daughter: You do not have to put up with someone hurting you. You can calmly and strongly say 'stop,' and I have your back."

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