Coping With Tantrums by Channeling Ron Burgundy and his Glass Case of Emotion

Family Matters on 06.05.12
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If you are already familiar with the phrase ‘glass case of emotion’ then you obviously don’t need to watch this clip, although if you want a good laugh, then by all means, go right ahead. For the uninitiated and those who are too lazy to watch video clips -- oh my GOD, you HAVE to WATCH this CLIP. If you still refuse, then FINE. I’ll tell you what I’m talking about.

In the movie Anchorman, Ron Burgundy is driving along a bridge with his beloved little dog, Baxter, in the car. Ron is eating a burrito, and when he’s through with it, he carelessly throws his half-eaten burrito out of the car window and pelts a man on a motorcycle (played by Jack Black) right in the face. Jack loses control of the bike, and Ron pulls over to see if he’s alright. Jack, incensed, grabs Baxter and punts him off the side of the bridge.

That’s the set up that allows us to access Ron’s glass case of emotion. He is completely and utterly so distraught by the loss of Baxter that he has an enormous ‘mantrum’ (man tantrum) complete with hysterics and wailing, from inside a phone booth while he calls the local TV station where he’s the news anchor. When asked where he is, he wails, “I’m in a glass case of emotion!”

Coping With Tantrums by Channeling Ron Burgundy

While anyone can appreciate the humor in Ron Burgundy's tantrum, it especially becomes a joy to watch when you actually have someone in the house who’s capable of such a reaction over much lesser incidents than a lost dog.

Today when I attempted a gym daycare drop-off with Alex, there was a major freak out. Well, she was fine when I left her sitting there playing with the giant foam letters – her dream toy. She was so absorbed, that I tiptoed away. (I know, head-slap.) However, upon exiting the locker room, I heard screaming. Crazy, glass-case-of-emotion screaming. It occurred to me pretty quickly, “Oops, that one’s mine.”

As the daycare lady handed Alex over to me, I said, “Are you in a glass case of emotion?” The daycare lady laughed. Alex seriously answered, “A glass case of emotion.”

Right now, “glass case of emotion” is Alex’s favorite phrase. When we got home, I didn’t get her shoes and socks off her feet fast enough. She started to have a slight freak out. I bellowed, “GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!” She laughed, and gleefully shouted it back.

She said it several more times, sounding like she was doing a Ron Burgundy impression. So I let her watch the clip so she could at least see what the heck we’re talking about. She thought Ron’s mantrum was pretty darn funny. This key phrase will serve as a good tantrum breaker for as long as the entertainment value holds.

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