A Bedtime Book for the Subversive Parent in You

Family Matters on 04.29.11
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TODAY Moms brings to our attention this hilarious book forthcoming from novelist Adam Mansbach, whose subversive sense of humor will have your slightly evil side chuckling. Because, really, what parent hasn't muttered the title of this book under their breath to their little ones at one point or another. 

Go the F#&@k to Sleep, available in October 2011, was inspired by a true story. After struggling to get his own two-year-old daughter to sleep -- and posting so on facebook -- Mansbach's friends suggested he write a book about it. Write what you know, as they say. But lest you fear that your impressionable little tykes' ears or your own sensibilities be offended, know that the book's audience is targeted at adults. According to TODAY: 

Now before you call Child Protective Services, let’s be clear: This book is written and illustrated in the tradition of a child’s bedtime book, but it’s not at all meant for kids.  (It says so on the back cover.) The book, which alternates lilting verse with, well, profane reality, is aimed squarely at parents.  

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