Are You a Free-Range Parent? Take this Quiz and Find Out

Family Matters on 09.28.11
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Since the easy-breezy '70s, parenting has swung towards tightly-closed houses and over-scheduled kids.

But there is a movement to return childhood to the way many of today's parents remember it. It's called Free-Range Parenting, and it's not just about telling kids to run out and play. Founder Lenore Skenazy and her multitude of followers think that allowing children to take on more independence teaches them valuable life skills, instills confidence, and can actually improve their academic performance.

Most parents these days would be considered "helicopter parents." We help our kids with homework, drive them to school, and stay up at night worrying about their happiness. A recent article in the Atlantic called How to Land Your Kid in Therapy suggests that maybe this "overparenting" is ultimately harmful to our kids.

What do you think? How much do you know about Free-Range Parenting? Take this quiz at TLC to test your knowledge and learn some surprising things about crime and letting your children just "be."

Take the quiz:  "Freerange" Parenting: How Much Do You Know?

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