If You Have an American Girl, You'll Become an American Woman

Family Matters on 05.13.11
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When American Girl dolls were introduced in 1986, there were only three available: Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly. Now, in a relatively short amount of time, there are eight historical characters (some have been "retired"), a "Girl of the Year" that's replaced annually, a magazine, a website, a line of dolls for young girls called Bitty Baby, and nine stores located across the United States.

One of those stores is located not too far from me. I see young girls walking through the mall proudly carrying their bag from the American Girl store where their parents have just treated them to lunch and possibly a new hairstyle for their beloved doll. I have not yet been in the store myself; I fear that I will buy anything and everything in sight. You see, I didn't have an American Girl doll when I was growing up, and according to thehairpin.com, that shaped me in to the woman I am today.

The writer has compiled a list of some of the historical characters that adults today would have had when they were growing up. She then goes on to explain what type of girl had each of the dolls, and what type of personality that girl is sporting as a grown-up. If you had a Samantha, you grew up to be "confident and nonplussed." Kirsten owners, on the other hand, grew up to be "more thoughtful and reserved." As a non-owner, I am "financially independent and unspoiled."

I have to say, from the reasons my parents didn't buy me one to the personality traits I exhibit today, my definition was pretty dead-on. And just as I coveted Samantha when I was a young girl, I also covet some of the personality traits connected to her.

Now I just have to figure out what kind of personality my daughter will have since she will own every single one of them, along with full wardrobes, any and all matching pets, and the too-numerous-to-count accessories. Spoiled, you say? No, no, no. I say she'll be a cultured genius, learning about different times in American history. And I'll go from financially independent to completely broke forcing my childhood onto my daughter.

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