8th Grader Punished for Witnessing School Bus Sex

Family Matters on 05.17.11
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According to a recent article on Jezebel, an either-grader from Dayton, Ohio was punished after telling her mom that she saw two of her classmates having sex in the back of a school bus. The students were on a class trip to Washington, D.C. 

But it wasn't the girl's mother, Sandra Roundtree, that doled out the punishment -- it was school officials, who barred her from attending the charter school's prom and class picnic. School officials said the student was not in trouble for not having reported the incident immediately, but would not identify a specific disciplinary problem. The other two students were suspended. Eight chaperones were seated at the front of the bus. 


Police and child services are looking into the event, reports Jezebel. Roundtree has hired a lawyer. 

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