8 Memorable Ways to Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

Family Matters on 11.01.12
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Besides actually meeting your baby for the first time, there are few things that are more exciting throughout the nine month process of pregnancy than that first moment you find out you are pregnant and then telling your partner that they are going to become a parent as well. While it may seem impossible to contain your excitement and tell them immediately, if you can contain yourself for just a little bit, it’s a perfect time to get creative and tell your partner about the new little one on the way in a fun and unexpected way. Here are a few fun ideas to help inspire you.

1. Expectant Mother Parking

expectant mother parking

Image: Jerry Driendl/Getty Images

The next time you head out to do errands with your partner, make sure that you are the one in the driver’s seat. Then pull into one of the parking spots designated for expectant mothers. When your partner says you shouldn’t parked there, let them know that indeed you now qualify for the spot.

2. Gift Box

gift box

Image: Jupiter Images/Getty Images

Everyone loves presents! Wrap up that positive pregnancy test or three (we know sometimes you need to be certain) and present them in a beautifully wrapped box. Not only will your partner not be expecting a gift, but chances are they’ll be blown away by this most unforgettable one.

3. Big Brother/Sister Shirt

big brother shirt

Image: Revolution46R46/Etsy

If you already have a child, pick up a shirt that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” and put them in it before your partner arrives home. It might take a moment for your partner to process what it says, but once it sinks in the entire family will be jumping for joy. This is a great way to tell grandparents or a big group of people too.

4. Buns in the Oven

bun in the oven

Image: Andrew Brett Wallis/Getty Images

Put the old phrase “bun in the oven” to work in a literal way by placing a bun or tray of them in your kitchen oven and then asking your partner to check the oven for you and tell you what’s in it. Then go ahead and enjoy those warm delicious treats while you revel in the glow of your partner over the news.

5. Dog Trick

dog tricks

Image: Frank Gaglione/Getty Images

Dog owners know that their pups are considered their first babies so let them in on the announcement. Teach your dog a new trick such as asking them “Where’s the baby?” and having them touch your tummy or “Go get your new toy,” and having them fetch a baby toy. If your dog isn’t particularly cooperative when it comes to tricks, tie a note on the dog’s collar that says something like “You’re going to be a dad!” and send them off to greet your partner at the door.

6. Baby Food Meal


Image: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

You don’t have to serve actual baby food, but everything in your life is about to be pint-sized so serve a meal that goes along with that theme. Sliders, baby carrots, and petit fours will have your partner questioning why you’re eating these “baby” sized versions of your favorite foods -- and then let you announce that it's because your world is about to be filled with all things baby.

7. Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie baby announcement

Image: Belly Laughs

You alone know your partner's future when it comes to parenthood. Order Chinese food and swap out the fortune cookie for one you’ve specially ordered that tells your partner what their future holds. You can go the generic route of letting them know “There is a baby in our future!” or have one custom printed with your due date.

8. Daddy’s Little Star Gear

i love daddy bib

Image: Cafe Press

Wrap up a bib or onesie that says “I love my daddy” or portrays one of your partner's favorite teams with a message like “Future Yankees Star.” Pick a theme that your partner will go gaga over because it reflects something they’ve always dreamed about when it comes to becoming a parent. There won't be a dry eye in the house.


No matter how you announce your pregnancy to your partner, it is sure to be an incredibly memorable occasion, but doing it in a creative way will add an extra element of surprise and fun to this most joyous time.

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