50 Awesome Things About Babies

Family Matters on 05.30.11
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Photo: Katie Morton

  1. Huge smiles.
  2. Snuggles.
  3. Splashing in the bathtub.
  4. Going bananas in the jumparoo.
  5. Building block towers.
  6. Knocking over block towers.
  7. Licking everything. Even the toilet.
  8. The wonder that is footie pajamas.
  9. Baby bed head.
  10. Squeals.
  11. Cooing.
  12. Babbling.
  13. Giggling.
  14. Getting to revisit Dr. Seuss.
  15. Kicking feet.
  16. Grabby hands.
  17. New baby smell.
  18. Delicious, chubby baby legs.
  19. Pudgy wrists.
  20. Chubby cheeks.
  21. No need for an alarm clock.
  22. Going to the zoo.
  23. Going for walks.
  24. Going pumpkin picking.
  25. Rolling.
  26. Sitting.
  27. Crawling.
  28. Standing.
  29. Smiles from strangers.
  30. The swings at the playground.
  31. Naps.
  32. Halloween.
  33. Making faces.
  34. Doing funny voices.
  35. Peek-a-boo.
  36. When the baby falls asleep on your chest.
  37. Tiny, adorable clothes.
  38. Perfect little toes.
  39. Seeing a baby cuddle with her lovey in her crib at night.
  40. Sloppy baby kisses.
  41. Those first attempts at dancing to music.
  42. Insatiable curiosity.
  43. Their fascination with the simplest things.
  44. Laughing at the most unexpected things.
  45. Getting to see the world through new eyes.
  46. First words.
  47. Watching a baby enjoy the pleasures of eating.
  48. Having a great reason to escape a computer to get down on the floor.
  49. An intoxicating love for this tiny human.
  50. The overwhelming cuteness.

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