4 Reasons Why I Wish Santa Claus Was Allowed to Join Facebook

Family Matters on 12.06.12
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Santa has already gone digital in so many ways: From my online shopping orders when I play "Santa," to the customized email messages that kids get today from the North Pole. We've already moved so many Chiristmas traditions to the 21st century. So why can't Santa join Facebook?

Facebook successfully connects over a half billion of us on the planet, everyday. It just makes sense that they allow jolly ol' St. Nick join our circle of fun. I'm serious. Here's my top five reasons Santa should be able to join Facebook.

1. A real-time "naughty" or "nice" list. He already sees you when you're sleeping. And he knows when you're awake. So why not let him see the photos, videos, and posts you make? Why not add these two very important status updates to everyone's account? That would keep us all really on our toes!

2. Our kids could submit their wish lists virtually. I'm having a hard time trying to read my son's handwriting. If he could just type it in and send it, it would be fast, simple, and easy to read.

3. It would be stored forever on our Timeline. Oh, the dreaded Timeline of 2012 -- a major display that we as a society cannot handle change. Regardless, it'd be cool that Facebook would store my Santa events in Timeline, because as a busy mom of three, I am really slacking on organizing my own digital photos. It just falls to the bottom of my never-ending to do list. Facebook's Timeline actually does all that work for you.

4. We could manipulate our kids all year round. You think Elf on the Shelf keeps your kid in line? When our elf, James, appeared the day after Thanksgiving, my kids are on full good behavior alert. Can you imagine if they knew Santa was connected to mommy at any time, on my phone at the park, at home on our computer? That mommy can at any moment send Santa a message, chat with him, or even upload a photo of what they're doing? Oh! The wonder.

Now don't bother going to try to register Santa Claus on Facebook, because I tried. They are too smart, and recognize that it's not your real name. Come on, Facebook. For all us parents out there, I think I'm really on to something here....

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