3 DIY Valentine Cards That Are Easy Enough for Your Toddler To Make

Family Matters on 02.03.13
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I had to read the notice from my daughter's preschool a few times to comprehend that there would be a Valentine's Day card exchange among all the 2 year old's in her class. Since this is her first year of school,  I am still new to what some of the expectations are for holidays and celebrations. I also was inspired for us to make homemade cards for her to give out.

This inspiration was surprising because I'm not particularly crafty, although I am fairly good at copying a good idea when it is simple enough. I loved the idea of making our own cards, but I wasn't sure what I could get my daughter to produce, with her limited attention span towards exploring the visual arts. Fortunately, she was really excited to embark on this task together. It was also touching to hear her exclaim with much enthusiasm, "We are making Valentine's to share with my friends." I'd love to make it a tradition we can continue each year.

1. Animal Valentines

Photo Credit: National Wildlife Foundation

Let your imagination run wild when creating these adorable animal-themed cards from the National Wildlife Foundation. Gather together colorful construction paper, a glue stick, crayons, and a pair of child-safe scissors. Help your toddler cut out hearts in a variety of sizes from the construction paper and glue them together to create different animals -- such as a rabbit, turtle, or a lion. Every kid in class will love receiving such a special token of love from your child.

2. Valentine Doodles

Photo Credit: Small for Big

Here's a great example, from Small for Big, on how to work with your toddler's skill set to create a a love-themed Valentine's card. It's also a great way to recycle all the little doodling art sessions your child has had while exploring with crayons and markers. Trace your child's hand or just let her decorate the paper any way she likes. When she's done making her mark, you can enhance her work with larger hearts and Valentine-related commentary.

3. Stamped Valentine

Photo Credit: Stephanie Vuolo

I found inspiration to create our own cards from a few sheets of colorful heart paper and a heart stamp at the local craft store. I cut the paper down to the size of a large business card and gave my daughter a plain piece of white paper to decorate with the heart stamp and a child-safe inkpad. After I cut the white paper into strips, she helped me to glue them down. We printed her friend's names as well as her own, to personalize each card. The look is clearly homemade, but also reflects that they were heartfully made by a two-year old who was excited to share something with her friends. 

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