3 Tips to Ensure You Don't Regret Your Choice for Baby's Name

Family Matters on 02.27.12
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Do you still like the name you chose for your baby? If you do, it appears you might be in the minority. In a survey of 1,000 parents Gurgle.com found that 54 percent of them regretted their choice in name. Considering that parents pour so much time and energy into choosing the perfect name for their child, this is hard to believe. So why do so many parents say they don't like their child's name and how can you avoid being one of them?

For 26 percent of these parents, the reason was because the moniker had become too popular. For those of you who are currently pregnant, you can avoid this by checking out the predicted list of top baby names for 2012. Another 14 percent in this study said that their chosen name just didn't suit their child's personality. And 11 percent of parents said that it was other people's opinion of their baby's name that had caused them to turn on it themselves.

While this study was done with a group of parents who volunteered to participate which may have garnered more interest from parents who fell into the category of disliking their child's name, the fact is that there were still 540 parents in a group of 1,000 that felt this way and that seems rather alarming. So there are three lessons we can take away from this to help ensure that we end up happy with our children's names.

1. Pay attention to where you get a name from. Is it because you met a baby recently that had it? If so then it's probably trending. If it's a name you've been in love with for a long time or has a personal connection to family or a loved one, then chances are you'll continue to love it. However, if it's just come on your radar, think about why you really like it and if you are ok with your child's name being trendy or not.

2. Choose a name that has longevity. It's not likely that you'll decide Tommy should be changed to Charlie, but if you choose a name like Brick or Rocco those are names that require quite a bit spunk to live up to. That's not to say that you have to choose a classic name, but the fact is that we never really know what our children will turn out to be like. Envision your child's future friends telling their parents they want to play with Slash or how will it look on their high school diploma, wedding invitation, or business card whether they decide to be an artist, mechanic, teacher, or doctor.

3. Try the name out on a few people near and dear to your heart. While a lot of people like to keep their baby's name under wraps until the little one arrives, having a few different perspectives on how people respond to the name may help guide you in choosing or refining the name. It's always interesting to hear people's word association with different names. You don't have to shout it from the rooftops, but swearing a few people to secrecy or throwing out a few different name ideas (you could include ones you aren't even considering to throw your panel off) often sheds a new light on the names you are considering for your little one.

But remember, you can always change your baby's name if you decide you don't like it. It's just a lot of additional paperwork and it begs the question, "Now what do I do with those baby announcements I sent out and monogrammed gifts we received?" Better to get it right the first time.  

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