20 Names to Think Twice About in 2012

Family Matters on 01.03.12
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Nameberry's Pamela Redmond Satran has released her predictions for the top baby names of 2012 based on what's trending on the company's site. While many like to choose a baby name that is popular, my inclination is to always steer as far away from the names on these lists, at least the top 10 or 20 of them. Perhaps this is because I was one of five people named Sarah in my first grade class, two of whom had the same last name. In addition, because my name has two spellings there was and still is always discussion on which is the proper spelling. I don't dislike my name, but I wish it wasn't so popular at the time my parents chose it and your baby might feel the same way if you choose one of these names that are predicted to be the top baby names of 2012.

Top Predicted Girls Names for 2012

1. Charlotte
2. Seraphina
3. Amelia
4. Violet
5. Isla
6. Imogen
7. Adelaide
8. Alice
9. Scarlett
10. Lila

Top Predicted Boys Names for 2012

1. Asher
2. Finn
3. Henry
4. Milo
5. Jasper
6. Atticus
7. Oliver
8. James
9. Jude
10. Felix

I'm not saying that I dislike these baby names, but I think it's important for parents to fully think about where their love for a name comes from and to check its popularity before choosing a name. I have two children and while it's said that eight percent of people regret the name they choose for their child, I am fully happy with my choices. I tried to choose names that would stand the test of time, and we went straight to our family trees to start our search. My son is named Edward after my father and we call him Teddy. I was shocked when we met two other babies named Edward the year my son was born, but in all cases they were named after family members. My daughter is named Carolina after my aunt Carol, but we went with the Spanish version as it flowed well with our last name. When we were deciding on names, I thought about what it would be like to call their name on the playground, what it would be like when they were playing sports in high school, and what it would look like on their business card when they are adults whether they decide to be a lawyer or an artist. And I went to the list of most popular baby names to make sure they weren't within the top 50.

It is of course important to choose a name you love for your baby, but don't forget to check out the name's popularity or they may end up being called by their middle or last names when they land in a class with four other kids by the same name.

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