Would You Rent Upscale Baby Clothes Netflix-Style? Now You Can.

Dollars & Sense on 08.02.11
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A new company called Plum is offering to send you baby clothes, from brands like Egg Baby and Petit Bateau, through the mail like you get DVDs, reports TreeHugger. You pay a fraction of the cost of buying them new because, when you're done, you send them back in a re-usable mailer. The clothes even go up to size 3T. 

What if little Jane stains a designer top with her first taste of pureed apples? No problem. Plum either removes the stain in an eco-friendly manner (with 7th Generation laundry products) or replaces them at no cost to you (donating the cast-offs to foster care).

The precious duds are even packed in a muslin pouch with a sprig of organic lavender. So how much does it cost? Like Netflix, it depends on how many outfits you want at a time. Let's say you want seven outfits: $49 per month. (Buying them new would be around $245, claims Plum.) Or you can go for four per month at $29, or two outfits per month for $16.

Being a frugal mama, I would probably not use this service, since the cost of clothes is much higher than asking for hand-me-downs (free), going to rummage sales (about $1 per piece), or thrift shopping (around $3 per piece). 

However, if you appreciate unusual and stylish clothes, this is an economical and time-saving choice. Yes, you can find European brands randomly at church sales, but the time it takes to round them up might cancel out the savings.

thredUP is another option for getting used baby and kids' clothes through the mail, explained here by Sarah. thredUP seems pretty time-consuming to me, and the clothes are not boutique. However, I like how it's a swap system, which makes it cheaper (although not as cheap as swapping with your friends).

At the moment, Plum is plum full (although you can get on the waiting list). I don't know how much clothing they started out with, but clearly there is some interest in this kind of service.

I'm curious: is a Netflix for baby clothes something you would use?

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