Back to School Already? Shop Early to Save on School Uniforms and More

Dollars & Sense on 07.14.11
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It is only mid-July and as far as I'm concerned summer has just begun. In fact, where I am in the northeast the sun just really started to shine about two weeks ago so I'm not that far off. So it kills me to see the Back-to-School signs flooding the stores already. Let us enjoy the summer please! I don't even want to think about Fall right now. I've barely got my base tan yet. But alas, we can't completely avoid it and there is actually good reason not to for those of you whose children wear school uniforms, carry backpacks or lunch boxes (i.e. just about everyone with school age children) because you can save 30-percent on them at Gap Kids right now!

Gap Kids offers school uniform pieces in navy, khaki, white, oxford blue and more for both boys and girls. With a wide selection of styles, your students can opt for a short-sleeve pique polo shirt or a long-sleeve oxford. Take your pick of shorts, pants, skirts, or dresses for girls with cute cardigans to coordinate with them, and for the schools that channel Hogwarts they offer boys' blazers as well. While not everyone out there is wearing school uniforms, a lot of these pieces are great basics for any kids' wardrobe. And whether they like butterflies and glitter or guitars and dinosaurs, there are plenty of backpack and lunch box options to spice up their look and show their personality.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average family was spending about $600 on back-to-school items in 2010 with about $225 of that being on clothing. If you can take 30-percent off of that, you're looking at a savings of $67.50 While it doesn't specifically say that the per spending is per child, knowing what I do about how much it costs to clothe my children, I can only assume that's the case, and in that case those of us with multiple children could really save hundreds of dollars with this sale.

But it won't last forever. You've got until July 27th to take advantage of this sale in stores and online.

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