How I Save Money on Clothes Shopping: Avoid the Mall at All Costs

Dollars & Sense on 07.20.11
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I tend to avoid the mall, mostly because I am annoyed by the slow-moving crowds. It bugs me to no end when I get stuck behind meandering throngs of people walking four abreast, suddenly stopping in front of stores to admire the display or to debate where to go next. I guess it's my particular pet peeve.

I only go to malls with a mission in mind. Get in there, buy the item I need, and get the h-e-double-hockey sticks out of there. So when I get stuck behind dawdling mobs, gumming up the walkway and running into each other in slow motion, I want to yell, "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" But I don't. I only scream inside my head.

My Hatred of the Mall Is Freshly Reinforced

I was forced to go to the mall recently on a mission relating to a Verizon Wireless mix-up. I must have taken leave of my senses, but I took a few moments in a department store to browse the racks. I was startled by the price tags -- even the sales prices. Actually, maybe I should say I was shocked especially by the sales prices. When an item of clothing costs a boatload of money to begin with, then discounting it by a big bag of money still leaves us with a very expensive item.

I had to wonder, "Why do people come here?" Is it to shop? Does everyone have more money than they know what to do with? Because I can tell you, I would be close to bankrupt if I bought my clothes at the mall.

Why Doesn't the Whole World Discount Shop?

So where do I shop then? I shop at discount stores like TJMaxx, Marshall's and DSW. I've never been to Kohl's, but I hear those stores are great, too. I used to think that I was sacrificing something in the quality of the experience, since those stores can sometimes get a bit messier than your typical department store.

I will admit, I've been to some of those discount stores that have been less-than-great experiences when the clothes are arranged chaotically and it's impossible to find anything. So I go to specific stores that tend to be well-stocked and adequately organized. After really thinking about the mall experience, I'm still feeling much better in my decision to stick with the discounters.

When I discount shop, I hone in on the same brands that I'm attracted to in the mall, such as BCGB Max Azria, Max Studio, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. There's no way I could afford those brands otherwise, even at mall sales prices. Just now I went to the Max Studio web site and noticed they are having a 70% off sale. Still, with the deep discount, that is way more money than I'm seeing those clothes sell for at the discount stores.

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