Fun with Jello

Chow on 09.20.10
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As a kid growing up I loved jello. Back then the biggest attraction to jiggly wiggly snacks was making cool shapes and combining colors like red and blue to make purple....or using mom's cookie cutter to create fun shapes.

Nowadays there are so many creative things to do with gelatin, beyond the primary colors.

The Food Librarian features 5 Layer Finger Jello, she made Valentine Bars, so pretty!

This beautiful- Sea Glass Jello is from my friend The Recipe Girl. Use your favorite sports team colors and create a fun game day treat.  


The guys from Way We See the World- JelloWare, created the idea of "Jelloware" this is awesome. Drink from the cup, take a bite, and then throw them in your garden! The glasses actually nurture the growth of your plants. The cups are made from agar. Agar is a seaweed extract and nurtures the growth of plants, how cool is that!


Cute Everything- Gelatin Fish Bowl, a cool birthday part idea. Right down to the gummy fish.


The Bakers Royale creates these cool Lemon Drop Jello Shots. These are very kid friendly jello shots. Using the rinds of fruits to make these cool fun treats will have the kids wanting and eating jello. Add in a few different fresh fruits and create lemon-orange-blueberry jello shots.