Easy Thanksgiving Cupcakes Your 3-Year-Old Can Make

Chow on 11.18.11

When you're faced with serving up a Thanksgiving dinner for 12, having the kids in the kitchen can seem like more stress than it's worth -- but when you watch Inhabitots' Petey Rojas, a 3-year-old cupcake master, whip up this recipe for vegan pumpkin cupcakes, you may reconsider. Sure, Petey probably got some help from an adult who measured out the ingredients, but the pouring, mixing, and stirring are all his (and the step-by-step narration is nothing short of adorable).

The dairy-free cupcakes call for basic ingredients -- flour, brown sugar, canned pumpkin, vegetable oil, spices, soy milk, baking soda -- so you can turn out a batch without a lot of planning ahead. And while Inhabitots points out that, without the cinnamon icing recommend for this recipe in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, the cupcakes are really more like muffins, we'd suggest that preventing that inevitable post-frosting sugar crash will just give you one less thing to think about while you're prepping the turkey and all the trimmings.

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