Christmas Eve Tradition

Chow on 12.23.09
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Our family is full of traditions from both sides - my Chinese heritage and my husband's German-Scottish family provides us with enough rituals, holidays and celebrations to keep us pretty busy.

The family tradition for Christmas Eve is fondue, something that my husband has been enjoying every single year since he was a little kid. It's a fun, unfussy dinner that's simple to put together. 

After fondue dinner, we'll all each choose and open just one present. Then the kids go to bed and the adults scramble and play elves, with rrriiiipppp of the wrapping paper, tying of the bows and quickly scurrying to get all the presents (hidden in the back of the closet, in the garage, up in the attic and in various drawers) under the tree. 

My kids are still young enough that A) they believe in Santa Claus B) they don't go snooping around, looking for hidden presents. Though I have a feeling this will change next year. Because I was around 6 years old when I started secretly searching for where the presents were hidden.

If you'd like to make fondue for Christmas Eve, here is my own Aged Cheddar and Guinness Fondue Recipe