7 Recipes to Use Up Your Zucchini

Chow on 09.02.11
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If you have zucchini in your vegetable garden, you know they have a way of taking over the world. In the spring my daughter and I had a long, involved discussion about whether or not to grow them this year. She was for them, I was against them. It's not that I don't like zucchini, I do, but they take up so much space and I have a very small backyard. A friend likened it to a backyard "Little Shop of Horrors", and I couldn't disagree.

They also provide a lot of zucchini per plant, which is normally a good thing, but people do start to panic when they see how many they have to use up. Which is why people you barely know will offer you zucchini, rather than trying to figure out another way to use them. If you are in that situation don't fret, because this week it's all about the zucchini.

1. Zucchini Cakes with Dill and Feta

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Making zucchini cakes is a terrific way to get your kids to eat zucchini, because who doesn't like a fried cake? Not only that, you should link to the post and show your kids the photo of my then nine month old puppy Jasper with the zucchini as big as he was lying on the floor beside him.

2. Zucchini Blossoms

Normally I would say zucchini blossoms are an early summer treat, but when I was back in the city earlier this week, I noticed that there were plenty of blossoms on my zucchini plants. These are nice to make for something a little different.

3. Black Bean Chili Soup with Zucchini Pancakes

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I admit that this recipe might be a hard sell for fussy eaters, because it has lots of "things" in it. But if you have adventuresome eaters, or even if it's for you and your partner, this black bean chili soup with zucchini pancakes is quite delicious. If you don't want to make the pancakes, just put chopped zucchini straight into the soup.

4. Pasta with Zucchini in a Lemon Basil Cream Sauce

It's pretty common to see zucchini paired with tomatoes and eggplants in a Mediterranean style. This pasta with zucchini in a lemon basil cream sauce is quite nice for something a little different. You can add some yellow summer squash to add a bit of colour.

5. Zucchini Stew

Well, here is that Mediterranean style dish I was just talking about. This zucchini stew is simple to make and doesn't take a lot of time.

6. Zucchini and Basil Soup

There are so many recipes for zucchini soups but this zucchini soup with basil is simple and straight forward and very tasty. I made it with water, so if you have the two main ingredients, you're ready to cook.

7. Pinto Bean Mole Chili

I love recipes where everything goes into one big pot and you just keep adding ingredients. This pinto bean mole chili is like that and it's really tasty. I made it for a party with a chocolate theme and it was a big hit.

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