7 Recipes to Make With Your Kids

Chow on 08.12.11
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With only a few more weeks of summer vacation left, your kids may be getting a bit bored. Kitchen activities are a great way to get the kids engaged, have some fun and get something to eat at the end of it all.

My kids loved to mess around in the kitchen, even before they were old enough to really know what they were doing. Let them do as much as they are able while you stand back and supervise. Even very young children can add ingredients to a bowl and stir it up. Give in to the fact that there is going to be a mess, and just go with it.

1. Play Dough: You may as well start in the kitchen with a recipe that the kids can play with. You can put this in a plastic bag to keep it moist and if the kids get bored with cooking, you can haul out the play dough and cookie cutters to keep them busy.

2. Ginger Cookies: Most kids cite chocolate chip as their favourite cookies, but my kids loved these ginger cookies. I like my cookies soft and chewy, and these are just wonderful.

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

3. Pizza: Here is a recipe for pizza dough, but you can always buy some individual flat breads as the base for pizza. Get all the ingredients ready then let the kids build their own pizzas.

4. Tomato Sandwiches: I had my first tomato sandwich of the season yesterday. The tomato wasn't quite as ripe as it should have been, but I was anxious for that first taste of the season. This was my favourite sandwich as a kid (actually, it still is) and it was something I always shared with my dad. I think of him every time I eat one.

5. Pasta Carbonara: This very simple pasta was always a hit in our house. When I didn't really feel like cooking my little son would say, let's just have a carb. If you have a pasta maker, then get the kids involved with making their own pasta

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

6. Pancakes: Other than cookies, pancakes must be one of the first fun things that kids learn to make. Forget the pancake mix and make some real pancakes. Although maple syrup is the traditional topping, strawberry or peach jam are also wonderful additions.

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

7. Dog Biscuits: Don't forget the dog! This photo is of my little dog Jasper hoovering up a homemade dog biscuit. He was so anxious to get at it that he slobbered all of my camera lens.

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