7 Recipes for Healthy (Well, Mostly) Snacks

Chow on 10.21.11
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I don't think of myself as a big snacker, although I do occasionally find myself standing in front of the open refrigerator looking for something to put into my mouth. Raiding the fridge is one of the drawbacks of working at home, especially when you write about food. It is a great work avoidance technique.

I am in fact, totally uninterested in sweets in general, but I have a little more trouble staying away from salty treats. Of course, the healthiest snack of all is a piece of fruit or some sliced vegetables, and I certainly have those too, but sometimes you just want a bit of indulgence. 

1. Homemade Corn Chips

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We may as well get the least healthy snacks over and done with right at the outset. These homemade corn chips were unbelievably delicious, and were a huge hit. My son suggested that we limit our diets to these corn chips for all three meals a day.

2. Snickerdoodles

My daughter inherited my mother's talent for baking. She made these snickerdoodles because she loved the name. It will make your little ones laugh when you offer up a plate of cookies and say in a very posh way "Can I interest you in a snickerdoodle?"

3. Cheese Biscuits

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Forgive me if I have shared these cheese biscuits with you before, it's entirely possible, because this is the best recipe for them I've used. Simple, and super cheesy, they make a great mid-afternoon snack with a cup of tea, or some warm apple cider.

4. White Bean Dip with Sun Dried Tomatoes

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This white bean dip with sun dried tomatoes is a slightly more substantial snack, but it hits the spot, especially if you've had a light lunch. It keeps for a while, so you can make a batch up and spoon some up when you are feeling a bit peckish.

5. Tejas with Sunflower Seeds

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It seems that the word tejas is Spanish for roof tiles, which these little pastries resemble. This is one of those treats that sneaks up on you. You try one and say, oh that's nice, and then find yourself going back to the plate more times than you probably should.

6. Granola Bars

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I never gave my kids granola bars when they were younger because I always felt they were just high calorie treats hiding as something healthy. These oatmeal raisin granola bars are easy to make and full of great ingredients.

7. Spiced Almonds

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Lots of recipes for spiced nuts are a bit hot-spicy, but these spiced almonds use Chinese five spice which is a bit more kid friendly. Popping a few nuts into your mouth will give you a bit of added energy when you are flagging.

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