7 Recipes for Busy Moms and Dads

Chow on 04.08.11
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I always find April a really busy month. In addition to all of the regular chores I start my spring cleaning, and believe me, housekeeping is not my forte, so it's a really big chores. Then later in the month, I have the garden to start thinking about. All in all, there is plenty to do over the next couple of weeks. Not only that, as the days lengthen and get warmer, we want to spend more time outside with our kids. That means less time in the kitchen cooking.

This week, I have chosen recipes that don't take very long to make, or are particularly easy,  just in case you are like me, with lots on your plate. I've added a recipe with peas in it, just thinking about spring. The produce in Toronto comes in much later than most of the U.S., so you'll probably have access to them a lot sooner then me.

1. Miso Chicken (or Tofu): Make this dish on the weekend, because it needs a bit of marinating time. Other than that the prep time and cooking time are really minimal. This is a tasty, but mild chicken that the kids will love.

2. Baked Potato Soup: If you love baked potatoes, and love soup, this recipe is a winner. The baked potatoes takes an hour to cook, but you can do that in advance if you need to. The fun thing about this soup is adding the toppings, just as you would on a baked potato. Bacon, sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese are all great additions. Everyone gets the toppings they like, and they can put it on themselves.

3. Beets and Greens Quesadilla: If your kids like beets, this is a terrific recipe. If they don't, then there are all kinds of vegetables or cheeses you could use to put into the quesadilla, using the same technique Use small tortillas and cut them into quarters and the kids have an easy, manageable treat.

4. Chickpea Burgers: My whole family loves these burgers as a change from a regular beef burger. I always use hot peppers, because my kids enjoyed spicy food, but you may be best to stick with sweet peppers. They are great with cheese, too.

5. Peas and Proscuitto: I just love this recipe. It's quick, easy and the combination of sweet peas and salty prosciutto and is just fantastic. If I'm jumping the gun a bit with fresh peas, you could use frozen. It's also good with ham, if your kids prefer that to prosciutto.

6. Celery Root Remoulade: I know for sure you can get celery root, otherwise know as celeriac right now. This is akin to a coleslaw, but with a slightly different taste from cabbage slaw. It makes for a nice change.

7. Korean Pancakes: If your kids are slightly more adventurous eaters, this is a really fun dish to serve. In my experience, kids love to dip foods, although it might make for a bit more to clean up at the end of dinner. Serve it with some stir fried vegetables or a salad for a light supper.