Chutney, Pie, Salad, and More: 7 Favorite Recipes for Apples

Chow on 10.19.12
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Apple trees in the northeast states of the U.S.A. and in the southeast of Canada took a big beating this spring. After a dizzying heat wave with a following killing frost most of the apple blossoms died on the tree. Katherine mentioned in her blog that in her small town there were no apples to be had at all at the local farmers' market. I'm a bit luckier in Toronto because farmers come from all over Southern Ontario to bring their fruits and vegetables to market, but there's no question that apple orchards all over were affected.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to going to market tomorrow morning to see what's available. I like to try different varieties. It always amazes me to see how many varieties there are, and how different from one another they can taste. However you like your apples, raw, cooked or juiced, or in a chutney, here are seven recipes to enjoy the bounty.

1. Apple Pie

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I love many different kinds of pie, but I think when all is said and done, apple pie might just be my favourite. Some apples, such as Delicious varieties are strictly eating apples and don't cook well. Make sure you choose an apple that won't just "melt" down in your pie.

2. Apple Onion Chutney

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This apple onion chutney is a great condiment to used with grilled meats, especially pork, which has a real affinity for apple.

3. Pumpkin Apple Fry Up

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

This pumpkin apple fry up should be a hit with the kids. The combination of salty bacon and the fall classics of pumpkin and sweet apple is really delicious.

4. Beet Salad with Apple, Feta and Pine Nuts

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

I loved this beet and apple salad. I cooked the beets ahead of time and then just assembled the salad just before we were ready to eat. You could use a different cheese such as brie, or even a blue cheese would be fabulous here.

5. Apple Salad with Spinach

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

Here is a bit of a variation on a theme of apple salads. This salad has some bacon and walnuts and blue cheese over tart Granny Smith apples, on a bed of spinach. I used a classic vinaigrette, but a dressing made with some crabapple jelly would be wonderful.

6. Apple Chips

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

These apple chips were really tasty. Cooking them over a low heat intensified the apple flavour and gave them a delightful crunchiness that was a bit of a surprise in the mouth.

7. Mulled Apple Cider

Photo: Emma Alter

You can make this wonderful mulled apple cider in your crock pot. What could be better than a Sunday afternoon outside in the clear autumn air and then coming inside to warm up with some warm apple cider. It's a great warming drink for tailgating parties too.

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