5 Recipes for Your Kids' Favorite (Typically) Store Bought Snacks

Chow on 08.08.12
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Deciphering food labels at the grocery store is no easy task-as if the grocery store wasn't already stressful enough. But it's an important part of shopping as what you bring home has a great impact on your family's health. Food manufacturers are often known to sneak controversial ingredients into food items where we least expect to see them. One area of the grocery cart that seems to be particularly affected is the snack department. While most of us could probably cut back on the snacking in general for health reasons, it's also a spot where we find lots of extra sugars and end up spending lots of extra money (it costs a lot to package all those little bars, roll-ups, and crackers). Of course, one of the reasons we sometimes buy them anyway is that they are so easy to grab on the go and almost anything that makes our lives easier seems to be worth it. But with a quick search of the internet, did you know that you can find recipes for your kids' favorite snack foods so that you can make them yourself and know exactly what goes into every bite?


Here are a few to get you started:
Granola Bars
Goldfish Crackers
Fruit Rolls
Gummy Snacks
Microwave Popcorn


I'm not ignorant to the fact that these things take time (which many of us are short on), but whether you are making them for health reasons, budget reasons, or just because it's fun, you don't have to make your kids give up all their favorite snacks because they don't fall into your health guidelines or pocket book. All you have to do it look for a recipe online or get creative and come up with your own!

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