5 Last Minute Snack Ideas

Chow on 08.22.11
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If your kids are returning to school, you will already know the feeling of panic that ensues when your child nonchalantly mentions at bedtime that you are responsible for the snack the next day. If your child is just starting school, you have this to look forward to. And no, you can't just take candy. If you know it's going to happen, there is no need to panic. There are lots of quick and easy things that you can make, especially if you outsmart your child and have a few things prepared in advance.

1. Sweet Potato Buns

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It's not that these sweet potato buns are a particularly quick thing to make, but you can make them in advance and stick them in the freezer. Then, when you need them you can either make little sandwiches with them, or serve them as is with some fruit or vegetables on the side.

2. Oatmeal Raisin Granola Bars

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The are probably as many recipes for granola bars out there as there are cooks. These oatmeal raisin granola bars are simple and quick to make, and in my experience, kids love them. The great thing about this recipe is that it calls for ingredients that most people have in their pantry already. If you don't have sunflower seeds, just leave them out.

3. Corn Muffins

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This recipe is actually for corn bread, but you can turn them into muffins without any trouble. If you like, you can add some corn into the batter as well. I put a bit of cheese on the top for a bit of a flavour hit.

4. Ginger Cookies

I know lots of parents disapprove of giving kids cookies or sweets of any kind, but personally, I think my mother's ginger cookies are a pretty wonderful treat. Jenni wrote a terrific post earlier this year on tips for dealing with sweets.

5. Pumpkin Bread

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This recipe calls for pumpkin butter, which I had made myself, but you can use canned pumpking puree for this recipe. The bread and is moist and a bit sweet. It's fantastic with a little bit of butter spread lightly on it.

As a bonus: you could always make kebobs. I've used ham, cheese, olives and tomato here, but the beauty of these is that you can make any combination that you think of. Left over chicken breast, any kind of cheese, or pickles would work. You can make them out of different types of fruit as well. Just make sure you use something other than the pointy sticks I used for this photo.

Photo: Kelly Rossiter

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