30 Halloween Recipes Guaranteed to Scare Up an Appetite

Chow on 10.23.12
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What was once a simple holiday in which children went trick-or-treating is now a full blown holiday with parties to attend at school, in the neighborhood, and around town. Whether you are hosting a Halloween event or going as a guest, it's always nice to prepare something that goes with the theme of the season, and for Halloween that means everything from gory appetizers to delicious pumpkin soup. We've rounded up a combination of the most frightening, most adorable, and most delicious Halloween recipes for both kids and adults. Make them if you dare!

Fruits and Veggies
1. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
2. Jack-O-Lantern Oranges
3. Boo-nana Pops
4. Potato Ghosts
5. Worms in Dirt
6. Strawberry Ghosts

witch hat appetizers
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7. Stuffed Witch Hats
8. Finger Pizzas
9. Deviled Eyeballs
10. Bat Wings

11. Mummy Dogs
12. Cheesy Bones
13. Spider Web Dip
14. Monster Bread

Main Dishes
15. Baked Eyeballs Casserole
16. Jack-O-Lantern Pot Pies
17. Witch's Brew Chicken Soup
18. Mummy Meatloaf
19. Pumpkin Soup
20. Bloody Baked Rats

pumpkin swirl brownies
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21. Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

22. Candy Corn Cake
23. Trick or Treat Cookies
24. Pumpkin Bundt Cake
25. Skull Madeleines

26. Candy Corn Drink

27. Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch
28. Vampire Blood Martini
29. Witch's Brew
30. Old-Fashioned Apple Cider

Halloween is a great time to have some fun no matter what your age. Even if you only incorporate one of these recipes into your celebrations, it is certain to thrill your family and friends. And if you don't have any plans to celebrate Halloween in a big way, any of these recipes would be fun to make for the family at home or to pop into the kids' lunch boxes too. Just be aware that you're sure to hear squeals...of delight.

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