10 Quick and Filling Breakfasts for Hectic Mornings

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Going back to school can mean hectic rushed mornings and a big change of routine for families.  But however busy you get, it's important to not slip into the habit of skipping breakfasts. Research shows that eating a healthy breakfast can help your kid's grades and behavior in school, keep them energized, and lower their risks of obesity and high blood pressure.

Much like planning for a healthy brown bag lunch, being prepared is everything. With a little planning and enthusiasm you can make your breakfast-skipping kids sit down for a quick bite. Check out my article Balanced Breakfasts for Busy Families for extra tips on planning a balanced, kid-friendly and healthy morning meal or take a look at these 10 healthy breakfast tips from Discovery Fit and Health. (Maybe keep the tiramisu pancakes for the adults to enjoy on the weekend...)

Quick Healthy Breakfasts for Going Back to School

1. Banana and Peanut Butter Waffle Sandwich


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This recipe comes from one of my favorite go-to kid-friendly recipe blogs-, Cooking With My Kid. This is super fast since you can use freezer waffles, and it's very easy for kids to make by themselves.

2. Oatmeal 2 Go


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Another favorite from Cooking With My Kid. My daughter loves these oatmeal bars and can eat them all day long. Make them on a Sunday or an activity-free evening, and they'll be ready for on-the-go breakfasts the next morning. Kids will love the fresh apples and cinnamon in these bars. You might not want to tell them this, but they are very low on sugar, too!

3. Cowboy Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast Wraps

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Kids love burritos, so why not make them for breakfast? These are from another one of my favorite recipe websites, Meal Makeover Moms. Since the creators are both registered dietitians, all of the recipes are packed with nutrients and healthy ingredients.  The wraps are great for mornings when you have a bit more prep time, but they can be eaten on the road if time is an issue. You can also add beans or extra veggies to spice things up.

4. Ham and Cheesy Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

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A healthier homemade alternative to many fast food breakfast sandwiches. You can also try turkey instead of ham or add some spinach or tomato.  

5. Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast Parfait

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This breakfast tastes like dessert. Yum! You can use your child's favorite fruit and lowfat dairy for a calcium and vitamin rich breakfast. Wheat germ is high in B vitamins, fiber, and protein. However, if your kids are not fans you can also use sugar-free granola instead.

6. Breakfast Pizza Minis

Mini Pizza

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Who doesn't love pizza for breakfast? Kids get really into making their own pizza and whole wheat English muffins are perfect for a healthy but fun breakfast. Your kids can also try adding some of their favorite veggies, too. This is a great choice when you have left-over tomato sauce from the night before. 

7. Banana Cream Smoothie


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Smoothies are very quick and easy and they are packed with good nutrition. My family loves the cinnamon is this smoothie, but you can try a variety of different combinations. Sometimes I even add a few spinach leaves or peanut butter to our smoothies. 

8. Blueberry Power Muffins

Blueberry Muffin

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There are loads of unhealthy muffin recipes out there. I like this one because it provides calcium from yogurt, B vitamins and fiber from whole wheat flour, antioxidants from the blueberries, and heart friendly fats from almonds and canola oil. Oh, and they taste great! These can be made ahead of time and even frozen if you double the recipe.  

9. Eggs-In-A-Hole

Eggs in a Hole

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I have been eating these for as long as I can remember. Have some fun and use different cookie cutters to make the hole in the bread. To reduce the fat, you can use canola oil spray instead of butter. Pair this breakfast with a glass of low-fat milk and fruit and your kids will be set until lunch.

10. Cereal


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Cereal is a great fall-back breakfast when you are truly crunched for time. Top with fruit like strawberries or bananas for a more balanced meal. A good rule of thumb for healthy cereals is to look for 10g or less of sugar and at least 3g of fiber (5g for high fiber). I also suggest avoiding artificial colors and preservatives. This article from Raise Healthy Eaters (a mom/registered dietitian's blog) compares and discusses the benefits of specific kid-friendly cereals. 

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