Kimberley Mok

Montréal, Quebec

Kimberley is a writer, designer, artist and first-time mom to an adorable baby boy. Ever since his long-awaited and epic debut, Kimberley has been experiencing what it really means to be a baby-feeding, diaper-changing, lullaby-singing multi-tasker (while suffering from sleep deprivation, to boot). Kimberley writes about eco-design, architecture and art for environmental blog TreeHugger. Her work has also appeared on Planet Green, Yahoo! News and AlterNet, and she is also a certified yoga instructor. When not indulging in the irrepressible urge to travel to far-flung places, she lives with her dharma-slinging Québécois husband in Montréal, Quebec -- land of maple syrup, dépanneurs and where life is short, and summer even shorter.